Review:Whitening Simulator for iOS

Whitening Simulator, developed by CanaryCreations, is a super easy to use teeth whitening simulator. Now you can see what you would look like with whiter teeth in just seconds. This Whitening Simulator is extremely easy to use and can make your pictures a whole lot nice when you have those pearly whites showing. Simply snap […]

Review: Personal Best Pro

Personal Best Pro, developed by Rob Delaporte, allows you to stay on top of your kids’ sports commitments. This handy organizational tool for iOS allows you to stay organized by tracking events and memorable moments. When you first launch the app you will have to create a person to track. Just enter their name, age, […]

Review: Sector Zero for iOS

Sector Zero, developed by Andrii Vintsevych, is a new sci-fi  survival game that was just released on iOS. When you start the game, your character has no clue who he is or where he is. It is your job to protect him as he fights his way throughout space and the unknown. You will destroy […]

Review: The Christmas Gift List – Holiday Shopping List

Christmas is only 23 days away. Are you ready? Do you have gifts for everyone? Are you forgetting anyone? The Christmas Gift List – Holiday Shopping List, developed by Denys Yevenko, is your perfect holiday shopping companion. When you first launch the app you will obviously want to add people to your list. You can […]

Review: Fav Alert: Facebook Personalised Alerts

Fav Alert: Facebook Personalised Alerts, developed by AlertStocks, is the perfect stalking app. Well you do not need to be classified as a stalker if you want to keep tabs on friends. This application makes Facebook way more exciting. Fav Alert will alert you of import information about your friends with such things as telling […]

Review: BabyPaints for iPhone and iPad

BabyPaints is developed by Kaolin Fire, and was designed for their six-month-old son. It is fantastic and will keep your child entertained for hours. Every time you draw on the screen in make a soothing piano noise and the colors drawn are vivid and eye catching. Some other very cool features include the ability to […]