Review: The Christmas Gift List – Holiday Shopping List

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Christmas is only 23 days away. Are you ready? Do you have gifts for everyone? Are you forgetting anyone? The Christmas Gift List – Holiday Shopping List, developed by Denys Yevenko, is your perfect holiday shopping companion.

When you first launch the app you will obviously want to add people to your list. You can do this by importing your contacts or even use your Facebook contacts. Once you have your list of people you can sort them between family, friends, co-workers, etc. Just create a Group for that person. Next, you will want to set a budget for the person. Simply type it in and you can quickly see how much you have spent and how much you have left.

Adding gifts for people is Super easy. Just click on add gift and fill in the information. You can name the gift, name the store where you purchased it, set the price, and leave some notes. Each gift is then tracked by the bottom tab. You can set them and sort them ranging from: idea, Need to Buy, Purchases, Shipping, Received, Wrapped, and Presented.

Lastly the Progress bar at the bottom will provide a great visual reference on your total budget and a pie chart of the gifts purchased and presented. It also displays a handy countdown timer to Christmas in case you want to know down to the second.

This app is a universal application. A universal application allows you to purchase it one can you can use it on your iPad and iPhone. This is great because the app allows you to synch data between devices using iCloud, now you can always update it on the go with your iPhone even if you do not have your iPad with you.

Overall I would have to say this is one of the best Christmas List managers I have used. Previously I would just use notepad and try and make a list. This makes it so much easier and I can easily track everything especially expenses.

The Christmas Gift List – Holiday Shopping List is currently price at $0.99 on the Apple AppStore. Since is is Cyber Monday, they are offering 50% off all of the products in their catalog. Now is the perfect time to get your Christmas shopping done. Head over to the AppStore and download this app today!



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