A Review of Music Playlists Application Swizzle

To access a mobile device like an iPhone fully, a user has to use its audio features. Developers have updated phones with audio functions that users should take advantage of. One way to do this is with Swizzle, a free music playlists application developed by Ideabove. Available on the iTunes Store, it makes playing music […]

Review: Zippy Zone for iOS

I just found this new game called Zippy Zone. It features 50 levels and you goal is to swipe the zippy creature into their correct color zone as fast as possible. Each level has a time limit and obviously the levels get harder and harder as you progress. You do have to watch out as […]

Review: RagazzA3 for iPad

RagazzA3 for iPad, developed by Sirius, is straight from Japan and is an application the blends dress-up and RPG. Your goal is to test your fashion sense and get ranked all while acquiring new pieces of clothing and dressing up your girl to best fit the correct style. When you first launch the app, you […]

Review Pixify Pro for iOS

Pixify Pro is a super handy all in one photo editing tool for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. This application was developed by Michael Rosseel. Pixify Pro includes all the basic photo editing tools that you could ask for as well as the ability to create some very cool memes. When you first launch […]

Review: Photo Lust for iPhone and iPad

Photo Lust, developed by Joshua Hart, lets you add text to photos. But more importantly, you can choose for 109 fonts and different colors, add reflection and place the text anywhere at any angle on the photo. You can make memes, or add text to your photo to make it more informative. When you first […]

Review: Hoppy Hobby for iOS

Hoppy Hobby is a super addictive game for iOS developed by Andrey Makeev. This fun arcade game can have you playing for hours trying to beat your high score. The developed wondered if frogs went to heaven. It appears that this frog did and it wants to return home to it’s swamp to see his […]

Review: Fly Balloon Fly! for iOS

Fly Balloon, Fly!, developed by PopSoda Digital Commerce, is a copy cat clone of the super popular game Flappy Bird that was removed from the AppStore. This game features a side-scrolling format where you object is to guide a little boy and his balloon through the maze of swords, coming into contact with them will […]

Review: Iron Dragon II – Revenge

Iron Dragon II – Revenge, developed by WireMuch.com, is a classic ninja fighting game where¬†Harley has finally succeeded in saving his sister Sala. They now are teamed up together to get their revenge. If you played and loved the classic Double Dragon on NES, you will love this new remake of the game. You will […]