Review: Jamstar Acoustics – Learn Guitar

Jamstar Acoustics – Learn Guitar, developed by Live Tuen Ltd, is an interactive guitar application that works with any guitar. Its main focus is to teach you chords, scales, rhythm, and the most popular songs you know from your favorite musical artists. What makes Jamstar unique from other guitar apps is that it actually listens […]

Review: iColorType for iPad

iColorType, developed by KeyRight, is the perfect teaching tool to help you learn the basic fundamentals of typing as well as increasing your overall typing sped. icolorType is similar to other typing trainers, but steps it up a notch by color coding the letters so that you can celary identify which fingers should be used for […]

Review: Golf Putt Perfect by iOver Golf

Golf Putt Perfect by iOver Golf, is the first and only Golf app that uses the latest Apple eye tracking technology to improve your putting in less than one minute.   The iOver Golf App was created to provide a simple and effective way to golfers to align their eyes exactly over the golf ball […]

Review: Get Noticed for iOS

Get Noticed, developed by Pro Footballer Guy Branston, was created for detecting and highlighting objects or persons of interest within a video. This is absolute must have application for sports analysts as well as athletes who are creating video to show off their skills and talents. When you first launch the application you will be […]

Loot Hero – Fun Filled Action Packed Game With Retro Graphics

Loot Hero is one of the popular action role playing game by Daniel Hjelm. In this game, players adventure through many different levels to slay the final dragon. In order to defeat this dragon, you need to move from one level to another by defeating less powerful enemies. You can also upgrade your skills at […]

Review: Voice Translator – On the Fly Translation

Voice Translator – On the Fly Translation, developed by Brisio Innovations Inc., is a voice translation application that happens on the fly! Just speak into your phone and it immediately speaks back to you. How cool is that? Voice Translator is based off of the popular Nuance technology so you know it is top notch! […]

Review: Nova Sketch for iOS

Nova Sketch, developed by Bad Integral is a kick ass art program for your iPhone and iPad. With Nova Sketch you can really capture your drawing creations and add flair to your photos with ease. This application features customizable galleries that let you display your art the way you like it. You can begin by […]

Review: Gus on the Go: Spanish for Kids

Gus on the Go: Spanish for Kids, developed by too juice, is an excellent learning tool to teach basic Spanish vocabulary concepts with interactive visual and auditory lessons on numbers, colors, shapes and more. When you first launch the application you will be presented with a map to follow where you will learn a bunch of […]

Review: It’s Done!

It’s Done!, developed by A.J. Lester & Associates, Inc., helps users recall the things they forget most often. Everyday routine task like locking the door, turning off the coffee pot, feeding the pets, taking your vitamins etc. are common tasks that many users forget if they completed them or not. With It’s Done! App, you […]