VIPaList: Manage Unwanted Calls and Text Messages

Calls and text messages are vital communication means, but there are times when you don’t want to entertain any call or message from other individuals due to various circumstances. In some cases, people want to prevent unwanted people to reach them. With this as the goal, VIPaList becomes the best iPhone app if you want […]

Review: Toothy Lite for iPhone

My dentist knows that I am very in to Apple and iPhone apps. Each time I visit her I have to tell her about the latest and greatest must have apps. Now I have the perfect app that she will be able to share will all of her other patients as well. It is called […]

Review: Foxy Hopsy for iOS

Foxy Hopsy, developed by Jaroslaw Karwacki, is a very fun an unique puzzle game where you flick the spider known as Foxy Hopsy through the chambers of the beautiful but dangerous castle. You goal is to collect all the power ups within the room and exit before the time runs out. The more you collect […]

Review: Little Viper Alert

Little Viper Alert is a companion application for the World’s first and only fashion pepper spray self-defense bracelet!  It’s a FREE safety app meant to be an alert if danger strikes. It has a loud alarm, flashing light, and a GPS feature. Little Viper Alert is a simple utility that is used for emergency situations. It […]

Review: 1Password – Password Manager and Secure Wallet

Are you looking for the best password manager? Well, look no further. 1Password – Password Manager and Secure Wallet for iOS is the best password manager I have ever used. Not too long ago, the developer, AgileBits, Inc., released their latest version of 1Password for iOS and let me tell you this is a huge […]

Review: Football Quiz | Soccer Players Quiz

Think you can name some of the worlds best Football (soccer) players based on their picture? Well, the iOS application Football Quiz | Soccer Players Quiz, developed by Cleverware, does just that. It is a fun quiz game that will test your knowledge. This application feature over 280 super star players to identify throughout 9 challenging […]

Review: Song Buddy for iOS

Song Buddy, developed by Wide Angle Software, lets you learn more about your favorite artists and discover some new ones. You can search and view the artist profile, their photos and major releases. Share details of your favorite artists with your friends via Facebook, Twitter or Email. Song Buddy also recommends artists you might like […]

Review: Daily Couple, Mobile Dating

Real People, Real Photos. Daily Couple, Mobile Dating app offers a fun, safe and 100% FREE mobile dating service. Sick of trying out all of the dating applications on the Apple App Store only to realize you are talking to fake people or people using fake pictures? Daily Couple does away with all the fakes […]

Review: Penkie Pop

Penkie Pop, developed by Seong Lee, is cheery, chilly, non-stop endless-running adventure! Your goal is to steer Penkie the penguin with your device using tilt or touch controls. You will have to keep him flying while dodging objects and collecting gems that you can use to upgrade. Also throughout the game you will want to […]