Review: Pilates & Basic Yoga For Beginners – Stretching PhysioTherapy for Back, Neck & Shoulder Pain

yoga for beginners

Pilates & Basic Yoga For Beginners – Stretching PhysioTherapy for Back, Neck & Shoulder Pain, developed by Bizapp Media, is a great 10 minute yoga companion for your iPad or iPhone / iPod Touch.

Not everyone can make it to the Gym to lift weights, run, or participate in a handful of other activities do to other obligations or time constraints. With Pilates & Basic Yoga for Beginners, you can easily find 10 minutes in your day to get a workout in. You can pretty much do it anywhere as you do not need any special equipment or a huge space. You will however want a quite and comfortable location like a room at your house or even your office at work.

This is a Free application that you can access from anywhere that contains over 70 yoga videos that cover basic stretching and warming up all the way to advanced poses and relaxation. The main categories include: Warm Up, Seated, Standing Beginners, Standing Intermediate, Standing Advanced, Relaxation, and Balance. Each category has a handful of different poses and within the videos you can learn the proper technique to make the most of your experience.

This application also includes a Yoga Guide that you can read and follow. It gives step by step instructions and provides illustrations to help you understand. The app also includes a tab that will link you to some other helpful fitness applications like Belly Fat Burner, 100+ Ab Workouts, FitPic, and more.

Pilates & Basic Yoga For Beginners is a FREE application on the Apple App Store. If you are in need of a low impact, holistic and relaxing yoga routine, you should definitely check out this application.


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