Guest Writer

Do you want to be a guest writer for LEI Mobile? Do you have something interesting to share with the Apple Community? Well now you can be a guest writer for LEI Mobile and possibly a full time author here. Brandon Etheredge & Alan Vazquez got started writing articles and now they are executives and lead the software development team as well as being full time authors!

So, What can you write about?

* We are looking for writers to review applications. (We get promotional codes from developers all of the time and do not have the time to review them all. If your reviews are up to our standards we will send you some more promotional codes to review other apps.)

* Interesting news that has not been posted elsewhere.

* Rants or Raves.

* Basically anything you want to talk about that is related to this website.

We do have a few rules that you must follow:

1. The content must be original and not posted on any other website.

2. Your article may contain as many pictures as you want, but can only contain 2 links to other websites.

3. You may not repost the same article on any other website even after it has been posted here.

4. To begin posting as a guest writer on LEI Mobile, please use the contact button on top and send us an email with a short description of what you would like to write about. If we like the idea, we will let you know and will request some more information.

5. If you are chosen to be a guest writer on LEI Mobile, we ask that your provide us with your full name, where you are from, and a picture of yourself so that you receive full credit for your work. (You can also remain anonymous if you like)

We look forward to your articles!