Review: Football Quiz | Soccer Players Quiz

soccer quiz

Think you can name some of the worlds best Football (soccer) players based on their picture? Well, the iOS application Football Quiz | Soccer Players Quiz, developed by Cleverware, does just that. It is a fun quiz game that will test your knowledge.

This application feature over 280 super star players to identify throughout 9 challenging levels. Each level gets harder and harder and you have to correctly answer a set amount to unlock the next level. If you happen to get stumped on a certain player you can move on to the next in the level or you can ask someone for help on Facebook. You can also use a bomb in you have enough coins that will only show letters that are in the player’s name. After you correctly solve the answer you will be awarded coins that you can use for cheats.

If you are completely stuck and have decided to ask a friend on Facebook or bomb, you can also click on resolve that will give you the correct answer automatically.

Lastly this app features an amazing soundtrack and you will recognize very memorable Football/Soccer songs. Unfortunately there is no way to turn the music off so if you don’t want the music you will just have to mute your device or turn the volume all the way down. So if you are into testing your knowledge this is a great FREE application that you should check out on the Apple App Store.





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