VIPaList: Manage Unwanted Calls and Text Messages

Calls and text messages are vital communication means, but there are times when you don’t want to entertain any call or message from other individuals due to various circumstances. In some cases, people want to prevent unwanted people to reach them. With this as the goal, VIPaList becomes the best iPhone app if you want to prevent these unwanted calls and text notifications.

VIPaList for iPhone

Developed by Babafemi Olu, VIPaList is a call track app designed to prevent distractions and protect privacy from individuals whom you don’t want to entertain. The app is available at $1.99 in iTunes and transforms your mobile phone into a VIP’s device by filtering calls that will go through.

VIPaList possesses state-of-the-art features that guarantee control over the notifications you will receive like the following:

• Silence Different Types of Voice Calls and Text – People can call using various types. Aside from mobile phone calls, landline and VoIP calls are not possible to connect people. Other types of calls like local and international can also be tracked and silenced if you want to. Phone calls through apps like Viber are recognized and configured in the app. Hidden, unknown and private numbers are included in the list of call types that can be silenced. No call will pass this app’s genius configuration.

• Three Different Modes For Fast Silencing – One of the good things about VIPaList app is its ability to silence calls according to three different modes. First, the Allowed Mode lets you set groups of callers whom you want to get through your device. D-List modes will set a certain group kept from calling you while allowing the people in the Allowed list to contact you. Calls that are silenced will be directed to your voicemail. Places mode means you can allow a certain group from specific locations. For instance, colleagues can call you while in the office and the same rule can be applied on others.

• Suppress All Callers if Necessary – If you don’t want anyone to receive notifications from all your contacts, set them in the app and see it work immediately.

VIPaList iPhone App

• Check-In With Map View – Similarly with other apps, you can sort of check in certain locations, where your callers can be filtered through Places Mode.

• Place Notifications – This app will notify you in case you checked in a location for the first time. You can then configure it to filter the calls.

VIPaList is the best app for you if you are a busy individual who doesn’t want distractions while working or if you are enjoying a movie. Take advantage of its features that will work efficiently.

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