A Review of Music Playlists Application Swizzle

To access a mobile device like an iPhone fully, a user has to use its audio features. Developers have updated phones with audio functions that users should take advantage of. One way to do this is with Swizzle, a free music playlists application developed by Ideabove. Available on the iTunes Store, it makes playing music […]

Lord of Darkness 2: An Enchanting RPG for Android

Lord of Darkness 2 is a new RPG game for the Android platform, one in which the player gets to control a bomber, sword man, boxer or berserker and fight various out-of-space enemies. The game manages to delight users not only with an impressive graphic engine, but also with a smooth gameplay that takes one […]

Loot Hero – Fun Filled Action Packed Game With Retro Graphics

Loot Hero is one of the popular action role playing game by Daniel Hjelm. In this game, players adventure through many different levels to slay the final dragon. In order to defeat this dragon, you need to move from one level to another by defeating less powerful enemies. You can also upgrade your skills at […]

VIPaList: Manage Unwanted Calls and Text Messages

Calls and text messages are vital communication means, but there are times when you don’t want to entertain any call or message from other individuals due to various circumstances. In some cases, people want to prevent unwanted people to reach them. With this as the goal, VIPaList becomes the best iPhone app if you want […]