Review: Immortalize Your Thoughts: Universal App My Voice Recorder

Brilliant ideas often come by on a whim. If we do not find a way to record these ideas, chances are they may disappear without a single shred of remembrance. As much as writing something down is the best way to keep yourself from forgetting, we aren’t always in a position to do this. Sometimes we are on the road and you do not have a pen nor a notebook. Besides, you could always lose the notebook with the idea in it. That is why, for those of us who do not want to forget our best ideas, those of us who want to preserve precious memories, like when your baby first called out your name, and for those of us who simply love to hear ourselves speak and want to preserve the speech, there is now a brilliant tool to help you achieve this. Universal app MyVoiceRecorder.

voice recorder

Universal app MyVoiceRecorder is very versatile and it is the only voice recording tool you will ever need. It is easy to use, carry about with you and it has a host of features that are designed to make your life much easier than it currently may be. With the Universal app MyVoiceRecorder, you can quickly record your thoughts and replay them later for further examination. This wonderfully easy to use tool has:

  • One touch recording, stop and save
  • Your recordings are stored in both MP3 and RAW formats-
  • You get voice memos
  • It has voice emails up to 5MB
  • Playback counter and record timer
  • It displays the time stamp and file sizes
  • It automatically names the files
  • Background recording
  • You can easily export your recorded memos to a PC or Mac through a USB

voice recorder 2

As mentioned earlier and as evidenced by the above list of features, the Universal app MyVoiceRecorder is a highly convenient tool that allows you to digitally organize your thoughts. Once you have recorded them down, the app organizes and names them accordingly and automatically. They are labeled by both size and timestamp. This means that retrieval is systematically easy. With this app, you can now immortalize your thoughts and ideas wherever you are and whenever they occur.
MyVoiceRecorder app requires iOS 6.0 or anything later. It is compatible with iPad, iPod touch, iPhone and is optimized for iPhone 5. It can easily be found and downloaded from the iTunes store. As far as convenience goes, this is one of the most convenient tools to compliment a busy lifestyle. Now you can record everything you want with a voice recorder that can easily be carried around.


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