Loot Hero – Fun Filled Action Packed Game With Retro Graphics

Loot Hero is one of the popular action role playing game by Daniel Hjelm. In this game, players adventure through many different levels to slay the final dragon. In order to defeat this dragon, you need to move from one level to another by defeating less powerful enemies. You can also upgrade your skills at an inn. The best part about this game is that it can be completed within few hours if you are better equipped to defeat the monsters in each level.



  • You can fight more than 20 different bosses and enemies
  • A lot of equipment upgrades
  • Excellent retro graphics
  • Achieve powers to unlock equipment
  • Infinite game play
  • A huge amount of XP and Loot

Working Functionality

In this review, let me give you a brief overview of how to play this game . Players need to control a knight. You can direct the knight in two directions by simply tapping and holding a particular side of your phone’s screen. From there, Loot hero takes care of everything. The knight can attack, run, and even collect loot when he’s on the move. Since this game moves very quickly, this is very convenient. You just have to make the knight move, and the knight will take care of everything else.

When you clear a level, you will enter an inn. At this inn, you can trade your collected loot for different kinds of upgraded skills. In other words, the loot in this app is like currency. You can buy upgraded skills in exchange for this loot. When you combine these features with short levels of the game, it becomes very easy and convenient to play Loot Hero. There are 5 levels, with an achievement of defeating a boss in each level and you will be facing the dragon at the fifth level.


If you want to make the experience on this app more difficult, you need to complete runs. When you complete one run, the difficulty level increases. Therefore, every subsequent run through this game will feel more difficult. With achievements, you will feel like completing this game over and over again, until you start receiving achievements in every level.

Loot Hero - Monsters

Loot Hero is a very simple and convenient game for a mobile user who’s looking for some fun without giving much thought to complex interfaces, and long levels. This is a very interesting game. Almost every review praises the simplistic interface of the game, which makes playing it much easier and more fun.

Download Loot Hero – iPhone from App Store for $0.99!

Download Loot Hero – Android from Google Play store for Free!

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