Review: Black and White Scanner: Scan and Read in One Device

Computers need peripherals like a scanner to let you scan your document for making digital copies. However, they can be bulky and inconvenient to use in scanning files faster. With the development of Black and White Scanner, Apple empowers you to scan your needed files using your iPhone or iPad, making scanning job easier than […]

Review: Numfeud – The Newest Craze in Multiplayer Games

If you are looking for a great multiplayer game for your smartphone, Numfeud should be on your list. This amazing strategic game lets you play against your friends or random players by doing various combinations and tactical moves to win. There is no limit as to how many players you fight once you have this […]

myGolfLeaderboard – An Avid Golfer’s App

myGolfLeaderboard is a mobile app which can be downloaded on a device like the iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone and is designed to keep you updated on the leader board of your preferred golf matches with either your friends or the other golf players. This mobile app is ideal for the golf fanatics and uses […]

Mr. Cond 2 – A game than can make you think!

Everyone enjoys a great game. We’re drawn in by the fun and the excitement and the challenge. But there are many games that go far beyond just entertainment and actually teach us something useful. Built on huge success of the original Mr. Cond, which reached over three million downloads, this game was designed to offer […]

iExplorer HD: File Managing App for iPad

iExplorer HD is a wonderful app which I came across recently.  I wanted to share its features that I have worked so far. It’s not an easy task to manage all the files from on a remote server. This is the app which does all these kind of tasks and guides you to sort out […]

Save a Biz Card in Your iPhone With WorldCard Mobile

WorldCard Mobile is an award winning business card scanning application from Penpower Inc allows you to scan and recognize business card in your iPhone. All you to have to do is take a snap of the business card with the help of your iPhone’s camera. Moreover, you can add the business card from your camera […]

Review: Worldictionary – Word Translation in Seconds

Do you have troubles in understanding foreign language? Well, there is an iPhone app called Worldictionary to help you. Worldictionary is an iOS app from Penpower Inc which provides instant translation to foreign language just by pointing your iPhone camera. The instant “View and Translate” function lets you to get translation for your words in […]

Review: Snap2PDF – Scan Documents & Share Searchable PDF

Nowadays app developers are coming up with some great stuff to explore the business tricks, Snap2PDF – Scan Documents & Share Searchable PDF is one such simple tool that could be useful for the business concerns. The Snap2PDF app from Penpower Technology Ltd. is a digital scanning application that enables you to use your camera […]

Review: Worldcard HD – Digitize Your Business Cards

Like to digitize all your business cards and save in your iPad? Well, there is a solution to scan and save business cards in your iPad. WorldCard HD from Penpower Inc will help you out in this regard. WorldCard HD is the best solution for people who frequently uses business cards. With WorldCard HD you […]