Review: Black and White Scanner: Scan and Read in One Device

Computers need peripherals like a scanner to let you scan your document for making digital copies. However, they can be bulky and inconvenient to use in scanning files faster. With the development of Black and White Scanner, Apple empowers you to scan your needed files using your iPhone or iPad, making scanning job easier than before.

black and white scanner 2

Working on iOS, several features can be expected on this mobile app.

Easy to Use App:

All you need to use with this device is your Apple device’s camera and you will be on your way to scan your document without any problem. Run the camera icon and focus on the document you wish to scan and capture it. Simple and easy, you will have your scanned version saved in your device in no time. Other features also come with this app, but these are the foundation of using this mobile software.

Shadow Removal:

The problem in using cameras for converting printed photos and documents is the shadows that come with the captured photo. Black and White Scanner, however, has the ability to remove these shadows, giving you clear copies of the digital document. No problem reading the file due to its easy to read texts even after scanning.

Simple Digital Copy Adjustment Feature:

This iOS app doesn’t only let you produce digital copy, but also edit your file’s overall appearance. Extra spaces within the document can be cropped, so your scanned file will only show the part that you need for better viewing. Images can also be edited as portrait or landscape appeal to suit your preferences. Contrasts and brightness are also adjustable to make sure every letter is readable. Zoom on specific parts for emphasis with this mobile app that makes scanning more convenient for you.

Export the File on Your Reader:

Many people wish to scan their printed documents with the goal of reading them through their Apple devices. With this iOS app, you can export files to PDF readers, allowing easy access on files and without using computer just to transfer the file. Simply navigate the app and you can use the device in reading your scanned document immediately.

Black and White Scanner is an available app in iTunes at a price of $2.99 and a good investment if you are a person who has lots of documents to read. Download Black and White Scanner app and install it in your Apple devices to scan and read with a single device.

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