Save a Biz Card in Your iPhone With WorldCard Mobile

WorldCard Mobile is an award winning business card scanning application from Penpower Inc allows you to scan and recognize business card in your iPhone. All you to have to do is take a snap of the business card with the help of your iPhone’s camera. Moreover, you can add the business card from your camera roll as well.

With Optical Character Recognition(OCR) technology WorldCard Mobile smartly recognizes the text in 16 multiple languages ranging from English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and many more and saves the biz card in the appropriate sections. Fields such as name, address, designation, e-mail, website, phone/mobile number, fax will be extracted automatically and transferred to relevant sections. You can add/modify details if required. I tested the app with multiple cards many times and the accuracy of the reading the text from the biz card is really amazing.

The card holder function acts as a storage area where all your recognized biz cards are saved in here. All the biz cards are the sorted in alphabetical order which makes it easy to retrieve any biz card without any difficulties. Also you can

add new data to your existing contacts. WorldCard Mobile allows synchronization of Google contacts along with WorldCard contacts. With WorldCard Mobile you can manage both WorldCard contacts and Google contacts.

Another solid function about the WorldCard Mobile app is the social and the professional network. You can find your contacts on social media profiles like Twitter, Facebook and in professional network like LinkedIn. Exchange your contact through Mail, Open In, or iTunes file sharing. WorldCard Mobile also allows you to share your contacts with cloud storage services like iCloud or Dropbox.

Overall, WorldCard Mobile is a must have app for people who often deal with biz cards. WorldCard Mobile is available in iTunes store for $6.99 only.

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