myGolfLeaderboard – An Avid Golfer’s App

myGolfLeaderboard is a mobile app which can be downloaded on a device like the iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone and is designed to keep you updated on the leader board of your preferred golf matches with either your friends or the other golf players. This mobile app is ideal for the golf fanatics and uses a simple mobile app which makes it easy for them to conveniently access the scores.

Reporting of real time score:

myGolfLeaderboard enhances real time score reporting and enables golfers to follow up the game track of various golf players as well as their personal games in real time. Even those who are not involved in golf can observe the progress of the game and the performance of their preferred golf players wherever they may be. This amazing application offers real time information on a specific golf game score and enables you to link up with your favorite golf competitions or events even when you are unable to be there physically to enjoy the event live.

myGolfLeaderboard app allows you to access event scores or golf competitions using a leader board which is akin to the one which is seen on proboards displayed on either TV or large screens.

Wonderful features found on myGolfLeaderboard App:

You can download the app on your mobile device instantly without any charge after which you will have the means to access any latest golf event which you would like to monitor. You can view about 15,000 courses which are provided for your viewership and the app can be used to monitor your own game with various players in your golf club or club house. It is equipped with a My Group feature which enables you to make your personal golf game or event to which you can include additional players.

Having an existing group, the only thing you will have to do is to change the players taking part on a golf tourney without necessarily creating another group or golf event on the gadget. It also has a Match Cards feature which enables the user to add a fresh match on a current golf match game.

In addition, this iPhone app allows the user to create additional modified settings. For instance, the application can be used in monitoring the leader board in the precincts of the golf course or alternatively, by using the club house television. You can also upload your logged statistics, personal website and page to allow for the recording and monitoring of the progress of your own golf game and scores.


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