iExplorer HD: File Managing App for iPad

iExplorer HD is a wonderful app which I came across recently.  I wanted to share its features that I have worked so far. It’s not an easy task to manage all the files from on a remote server. This is the app which does all these kind of tasks and guides you to sort out all the problems as well

iExplorer HD app main features are,

  1. It helps you to access the files on iPad from all the remote servers like Windows sharing, Google Docs, CloudMe, DropBox and more.
  2. App helps you to transfer files, folders and subfolders between remote servers and iPad.
  3. It helps you to transfer files with Bluetooth between iOS devices.
  4. You can transfer files between iPad and PC with USB cable.
  5. You can rename, delete, move and e-mail the files on local or remote server.
  6. The app can sorted out the files by name, size, date and file type.
  7. It supports Zip & Unzip files on local or NAS/FTP server and also it supports password protected zip and rar files.
  8. Using the app that you can edit the text file and Google spreadsheet. You can download Google docs as pdf, Microsoft office document, zip, image, open office document, text files and so on.
  9. All the files can be opened from Safari, e- mail and other apps.
  10. It helps you to stream HTML, Microsoft office files, keynotes, number and pages from NAS, FTP and Cloud servers.
  11. It supports both local and remote servers and user can search files in folders and subfolders.
  12. App can sync files from Cloud server.  Also the user can view offline files if the server is not reachable.
  13. Adjusts priorities for transferring file task and print & tweet any viewable documents and eBooks. WiFi storage is there and app could add file and folder to the favorite list as shortcut.

And also there are some interesting highlighted features, without downloading the images you can view it from the remote servers. Programming languages like C, C++ and PHP are in-built code viewer. It is a must have app for all the iOS app users. I’m happy to have such an easy file handling app in my device.  It helps me to sort out my file managing tasks within some time.  iExplore HD app available in the app store for $4.99.

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