Latest Tips, Tricks & Secrets For iOS7 – The Only App That Lets You Learn How To Use Apple’s New iOS7

The new iOS7 is an operating system that might appear confusing when you’re using it for the first time. But that’s not the case anymore. In fact the Latest Tips, Tricks & Secrets for iOS7 takes it to the next level altogether.

And you’ll be surprised that iOS7 comes with a vast array of features to explore. But you can’t explore all those features without help. That’s exactly why this new app was designed for–to help you know and handle the little tips and tricks inside iOS7.

ios7 tips

This app is a collection of valuable information you need to know about the new iOS7. These are the little things that make using this operating system interesting and fun to use. It unravels the hidden features, all the ins and outs, plus the little tweaks that might appear difficult to comprehend. This time round, you’ll become a pro in handling the latest Apple’s operating system iOS7.

Latest Tips, Tricks & Secrets for iOS7 definitely will expand your knowledge of using your device. You can do everything you thought was impossible, and you can discover myriads of functions that you though never existed. It’s certainly revolutionizing the way people will be using their iOS7 devices this time round.

So, what exactly is in tips, tricks and secrets for iOS7? Let’s explore some of the features in the newer version 2.1

1. When you click on an individual item, an expanded tableview will appear which lets you swipe further to see images, titles or descriptions of what you are looking for.

2. You can see images clearly by clicking on them directly.

3. Once you are through with viewing what you want, just click on the ‘’x’’ button to close.

4. The app provides you with more information alongside the images to make it easier for you to understand.

5. If you own an iPhone 5, you can customize this app to make it suitable for your device.

Users are already rating this app according to how they’ve seen it performing. It’s all positive reviews coming from real users all across the world. Things like checking time stamp for each text or block calls are features you won’t discover until you download this Latest Tips, Tricks & Secrets for iOS7.

You can’t afford to miss all the interesting features you’ll find on iOS7 operating system. It’s new, and that means Apple has designed it to include niftier features to make life interesting.


It’s getting better by the day. Your new iOS7 device doesn’t have to prove difficult to use. The Latest Tips, Tricks & Secrets for iOS7 is certainly an app you must download to get the best experience out of your new device. So try it out and see the magic.


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