Rush&Fantasy iOS App Review: Entice Yourself With This Action-Thriller iOS Game

In this new era, iOS app developers have come up with something a little bit different for iOS lovers to enjoy. It’s action-packed and thrilling as well. Rush&Fantansy combines the characteristics of an RPG and a run game to thrill you even more. In this action-packed game, players are supposed to battle with monsters and become heroes. Furthermore, they need to escape from dungeons before its too late as they locate treasures.

Rush&Fantasy iPhone Game

Because of the nature of this game, users are required to totally immerse themselves into the world of fantasy, giving full concentration to details and applying skills to overcome even more challenges along the way.

It calls for pure strategy, some skills and talent to succeed. If you’ve always loved the ideal of playing games that take you into the far away lands to meet monsters and other creatures, then this arcade game is just for you.

As you strive to become the ultimate hero, you’ll face some of the most unbelievable monsters on planet earth. The best thing about this game is that battles are waged in real time, meaning users won’t know what to expect in the next corner. So you have to employ some wit and sound strategies to complete levels.


* You have 22 heroes to choose from. Each one of them is uniquely designed with special skills and are fearless
* There are a total of 25 dungeons, each one of them more dangerous than the previous. That’s the fun part of Rush&Fantasy.
* It comes in both single and multiple player modes, meaning you can play alone or ask a friend to come along and join you

* Heroes grow stronger when you collect more cards on the way. These cards will also push you to the next level, so you must not avoid them

Rush&Fantasy Game App

* There are frequent updates to ensure that the game is flawless, ensuring that heroes have all they need to attain higher levels
* Fever mode: Watch the fever gauge because when it reaches 100%, it’s time to explore even more

Functionality and Usability:

Users say this is the best iPhone action game they’ve played so far. The controls are easy to master, meaning you don’t have to spend time trying to learn things. Just familiarize yourself with the controls and plunge into real adventure. Basically, the short introduction tutorials at the beginning of the game tells you how to control your hero.

The jump button helps you to jump over sharp objects while the skill button lets you take advantage of your hero’s special abilities. So far, so good!

Design and Application Performance:

Firstly, it’s worth it to mention that this is a full 3D game, coupled with high quality graphics seen only in limited-edition games. The application’s performance is top-notch, and that’s due to the spectacular graphics that have managed to captivate players. We must mention that Rush&Fantasy iOS game is compatible with iOS4.3 and above.

iPhone Rush&Fantasy App

It’s also compatible with iPod touch, iPad and iPhone. Furthermore, it has also been optimized for iPhone 5.


If you don’t have the skills to quickly collect strength cards, you might not move to the next level. That can be so discouraging especially when everything is at its peak.


If you’re looking for something to captivate your wildest imaginations, then Rush&Fantasy has it all. New users are allowed to create an account and guest-play. However, you can always upgrade the app at a very affordable price. It’s a guarantee that it will revolutionize your iOS device game section. This action-packed Rush&Fantasy game is available for both iOS and Android platforms.


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