Review: Avatari – A Adventurous Game Filled With Fun And Excitement

Looking for a great adventure game to download on your iPhone or iPad? If so, try the newest Avatari game on your phone. The app features a unique and highly rated adventure game, similar with temple run but with a whole new twist and story. It stimulates your imagination and your mind from playing the game. This adventure game is a must-have app on your phone, especially if you are looking for hours of addictive fun and excitement.


The game has an interesting story line where players enter a world of demons and demigods in the persona of Prahlad to fight for power and control. The main enemy is Prahlad’s father, Hiranyakshipu, the king of demons. The objective is to beat Hiranyakshipu and distribute the power to the demigods. The game is a battle between good and evil. Use your skills and agility to bypass the obstacles on the road and overcome Prahlad’s father at every point of your journey in order to meet Narada and serve the supreme god Vishnu.

avatari 2

The game offers an incredible gaming experience for iPhone and iPad users. It features an exciting story line with great adventure, action, and challenges in every level. The graphics of Avatari is great for all gamers. The game has vibrant and high quality realism. Playing the game will also fill your eyes with great realism of the forest and animals.

Navigation is very easy with Avatari. You can play the game and work your way through the challenges by moving your phone from left to right. You can also make some changes with the setting of the game, especially when it comes to tweaking the sounds.

Avatari can be played in 7 different levels. Each level can be played with different strategies that will get you thinking progressively. The obstacles in each level are different and the player must be able to overcome each one to win against the enemy.

avatari 3

The game also has an interesting music of demigods singing. The music will keep you focused and upbeat to face the challenges and tasks required to accomplish. It features a cultural sound with a bit of contemporary genre.

Avatari is really a great game to play on your iPhone, iPad or iPod. It will keep you entertained and thrilled compared to other adventure games available today.



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