Review: Focus Magazine of SWFL for iPad

Focus of SWFL Magazine is now on the iPad and released in bi-monthly editions. Focus Magazine is packed with information on art, fashion, people, entertainment, and luxury lifestyles. You will get tons of information on the hottest trends, chic clothing and sexy swimwear from Southwest Florida. It is a must read for the person who […]

Review: Calculator Plus for iPad

For whatever reason, Apple decided not to include a calculator app with the iPad. Luckily lots of been created by developers. Today we decided we wanted something a little different from all the basic calculators that are available. App-island Studios recently released Calculator Plus for iPad. Calculator Plus offers everything you need in a calculator […]

Review: Voice To Voice – Realtime interpreter

Voice To Voice – Realtime interpreter, developed by one of my favorite voice recognition companies, Sparkling Apps, is a must have app if you are traveling or need to communicate with someone who speaks a different language. Voice To Voice – Realtime interpreter, is exactly what it sounds like. You simply select the language that […]

Review: Voice Answer

Voice Answer is a Siri like alternative. Although there are some features that Voice Answer cannot do like setting reminders, making calls, or responding to text messages; Voice Answer is excellent at listening to what you say and providing you with the relevant answers. When you ask a question the answers are spoken out and […]

Review: Black and White Scanner: Scan and Read in One Device

Computers need peripherals like a scanner to let you scan your document for making digital copies. However, they can be bulky and inconvenient to use in scanning files faster. With the development of Black and White Scanner, Apple empowers you to scan your needed files using your iPhone or iPad, making scanning job easier than […]

Review: Numfeud – The Newest Craze in Multiplayer Games

If you are looking for a great multiplayer game for your smartphone, Numfeud should be on your list. This amazing strategic game lets you play against your friends or random players by doing various combinations and tactical moves to win. There is no limit as to how many players you fight once you have this […]

Review: Steer List for iOS

Steer List, developed by Doreen Theverapperuma, a frustrated (and occasionally forgetful) mom, Steer List is the free app that uses a Geo Location function to remind you of what you need to do as you near a set location. Its very simple to use, create a shopping list and tag the store in which you need […]