ShareWis – Free Learning Content Platform with Knowledge Map

ShareWis is a free learning tool and knowledge map for adults with a variety of lectures from programing to accounting.

The concept is very simple. You sign up for an account, which is very easy using Facebook, and then you can search through a variety of FREE lectures. Each lecture just takes 5-30 minutes. This lets you pop into a handful of different subjects very easily to see if they are the right fit for you.

Each lecture consists of two parts. The Lecture, and Quizzes. The Lecture is usually a video followed by instructions. Once you have seen and completed that you will move on to the quiz. The first lecture I started was a Photoshop lecture. I learned How to make randomly colored brushes. The quiz was just 3 questions that I easily passed based on what I had learned. Once I was finished I was able to go back to my knowledge map and I could see that that lecture was a different color because I had passed the quiz.

In order to pass the entire web design course, I had to complete all of the lectures. I love seeing the knowledge map change color so I can track my progress.

ShareWis won the top prize of SF Japan night, which was a pitch competition held in San Francisco Mar 2013. This application has a ton of potential and can dramatically change the way we teach and learn. Unfortunately ShareWis only has lectures available in Japanese. Hopefully the developers will update the app very soon so that everyone in the world can take advantage of this app no mater what language they speak. Update: there are courses available in English now!

“Let’s go on the journey of life-long learning with ShareWis!” Download ShareWis on the Apple AppStore for FREE today!


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