Review: Drinking GameZ: Beer Pong

Drinking Gamez: Beer Pong, developed by Appatheia LLC, is one of the best ways to practice your beer pong skills from anywhere with out the need of actual beer or a ping pong ball. When you first launch the app you will be able to star a single plater game, multi-player game, access the store, […]

Review: Pictastic Photo Editor

So I was hanging out with my uncles and found an old photo that I needed to edit and share with them. I found this app called Pictastic Photo Editor. It lets you add filters, texts, and doodles. Once you are done you can share them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Pictastic Photo Editor is […]

Review: Learn Colors Free

Learn Colors Free, developed by Yaqoub Almarshad, is just one of a handful of children’s games he has developed for the iPhone/iPod Touch. Learn Colors Free is a fun and educational learning tool for children ages 4+. If you are looking for some apps to teach your kid colors, this app does a great job. […]

Review: Minus – Social Chat for iOS

Minus – Social Chat, is a new chat and photo application that lets you interact and meet new friends from all over the world. When you first launch Minus you will need to create a profile, You can either fill in all of the information or use your Facebook info. Next you will have to […]

Review: Sugar Bunny Race Mayhem – HD

Sugar Bunny Race Mayhem – HD for iPad, developed by a small crew of independent new media artists (called “Light Sleepers”), is a simply racing game very similar to the popular Tiny Wings game. The controls are super simple. You just press down on the screen as you go down the hill and let go of […]

review: Pinxter for iOS

Pinxter is a new social fashion community powered by its iPhone app that enable users to quickly and easily give and receive fashion feedback. Whether an outfit, pair of shoes, accessory or anything in between, Pinxter solves the common dilemma of what looks best. Users upload photos of what they’re wearing to get “yes” or […]

iRealSMS – Alive and kicking a new update

    Straight from SpiritOfLogic, another big update to iRealSMS has landed. iRealSMS 3.0 is back with its latest update, offering 3 new interfaces for the QuickReply and QuickSend! Choices range from the Classic Look, the Custom Classic, and two brand new beautifully designed interfaces by @reznor9 which fit the style of iOS 6 and […]

Review: Dungeon Wagon

Dungeon Wagon, developed by Game Scorpion Inc., is set to release on the App Store on August 22nd. We got a sneak peak at the new game and will give you our thoughts. The game concept is that you are controlling a wagon through a looking glass. You goal is to collect as many gears […]

Review: Sanjivani for iOS

Sanjivani, developed by Mitesh Sheta, is an Ayurvedic home remedies book which can help you find all of the ancient Indian Ayuvedic practices that help treat certain illnesses, possibly cure certain diseases, whiten teeth, regrow hair, and more. What is Ayurveda or Ayurvedic medicine? It is a system of traditional medicine native to Indians and […]