Review: Sugar Bunny Race Mayhem – HD

sugar bunny race

Sugar Bunny Race Mayhem – HD for iPad, developed by a small crew of independent new media artists (called “Light Sleepers”), is a simply racing game very similar to the popular Tiny Wings game. The controls are super simple. You just press down on the screen as you go down the hill and let go of the button as you fly up the hill. Very easy and it makes for an addicting game.

Your goal is to collect candy to earn extra points as you race to the end of the map. You will have a base score and then a time bonus as well. Your scores will be saved via GameCenter, but you can also share them on Facebook and e-mail. This game will keep you entertained for hours with 35 different levels.

If you are interested in making the game a bit more fun you can check on the Store and purchase additional riders, get a power boost, skip levels, or even unlock everything.

Overall the game is very fun and the sound effects are great. The visuals are very well done, but the music can be a bit annoying after a while, but luckily you can shut that off in the settings. I think that they could improve the text because they use a white font at the end of the stage to read your score and it can be a bit hard to read.

The game is currently Free on the Apple App Store and is supported by ads. You can support the developers and remove the ads via in-app purchases. Sugar Bunny Race Mayhem is also available on iPhone and iPod Touch. Who doesn’t love ice-cream.


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