Review: Dungeon Wagon

Dungeon Wagon, developed by Game Scorpion Inc., is set to release on the App Store on August 22nd. We got a sneak peak at the new game and will give you our thoughts.

The game concept is that you are controlling a wagon through a looking glass. You goal is to collect as many gears and to get through the maze. Throughout your journey you will encounter demons, traps, and warriors that you will have to defeat and find the exit to the maze before the time runs out.

We reviewed this game earlier called Dungeon Wagon 3D and this is the updated version that is 10x better. Previously to control the wagon you had to slide your fingers the direction you wanted to go. Now you can easily control your wagon by tilting your iOS device.

With the gears that you collect you can purchase upgrades like weapon power, shield boost, and time boosts. If for some reason you do not have enough gears to purchase the upgrade you want, you can purchase more gears via in-app purchases.

Overall I would have to say the graphics are verily well done, but the menus could you a little work to make them take advantage of the iPhone 5’s retina display. The music is very well done and not distracting at all. It fits the dungeon feeling very well.

If you are into maze games then Dungeon Wagon is an app you should check out when it launches on August 22nd. If you are interested in getting it early you can check out this link:

It will be a FREE game for a limited time so make sure to grab it!

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