Review: Learn Colors Free


Learn Colors Free, developed by Yaqoub Almarshad, is just one of a handful of children’s games he has developed for the iPhone/iPod Touch. Learn Colors Free is a fun and educational learning tool for children ages 4+.

If you are looking for some apps to teach your kid colors, this app does a great job. It has 3 different modes to choose from, Learn, Play, and Test. The Learn mode will display the color as well as an object that represents the color. A soft soothing ladies’ voice will read  out the color and the descriptive object to help your child remember.

Play mode allows you to just paint the different colors on the screen or you can choose to play a classic memory game to try and find the right objects. Lastly the Test mode tests your child’s knowledge by showing the child either the object and colors to match or a color with objects to match. The lady reads out what your are supposed to find, just click on the correct answer and it will move to the next.

The application is FREE because it is supported by ads. This is great that it is FREE but can cause some issues for kids who may accidentally click on the ads and take them out of the app. This can be distracting and take away from their learning experience. I would have to say that this version is specifically for the parent or teacher to test and I recommend they go and purchase the full version of the app if they enjoy it.




  1. it is me, mario! says

    Great app for my kid, it teaches her colors, and keeps her busy playing memory games, quizz and mixing colors

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