iRealSMS – Alive and kicking a new update




Straight from SpiritOfLogic, another big update to iRealSMS has landed.

iRealSMS 3.0 is back with its latest update, offering 3 new interfaces for
the QuickReply and QuickSend!

Choices range from the Classic Look, the Custom Classic, and two brand new
beautifully designed interfaces by @reznor9 which fit the style of iOS 6 and
iOS 7.

The iOS 6 interface takes a cue from the iOS 6 twitter and Facebook sharing
options. Using a custom but familiar index card style it lends itself a
native look which is fun to use and easy on the eyes.

The iOS 7 interface is an imaginative take at the share options within iOS 7
to once again create a gorgeous custom backdrop for your QuickReply and
QuickSend. Using the new “Helvetia Neue” font found in use throughout iOS 7
as well as blurring effects and circular contact pictures, iRealSMS hopes to
bring the essence of iOS 7 to your iOS6 device now.

To enhance the iOS 7 styled experience, iRealSMS will use the circular
frames for contact pictures within the application when the iOS 7 interface
is selected.


For those who don’t know, iRealSMS is the drop in replacement for iOS Messages App that brings an array of needed features: Folders for organizing messages, privacy options, emoticons, signatures, character counts, templates, and of course QuickSend and QuickReply in very nice UI Designs.

Stay tuned, we will be having a give away where 5 people can get a copy of iRealSMS.

Find the update in Cydia 🙂

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