review: Pinxter for iOS

pinxter screen

Pinxter is a new social fashion community powered by its iPhone app that enable users to quickly and easily give and receive fashion feedback. Whether an outfit, pair of shoes, accessory or anything in between, Pinxter solves the common dilemma of what looks best. Users upload photos of what they’re wearing to get “yes” or “no” votes from their friends, followers or anonymously via the entire Pinxter community. Tag brands, follow trends, and discover new looks trending in real time on Pinxter. Pinxter is free to download on the iPhone app market.

Pinxter allows you to view all of the hottest trends and styles while you can also get others to judge your style.  If you need quicker advice and feedback about your style you can promote your picture with diamonds that you have earned or purchased through in-app purchases. You also have the option to promote other people’s photos as well.

When you first launch the app you will be able to browse photos that others have posted. They will have a question tied to the photo like: “Do you like this shirt with these jeans?” You will then answer either yes or no, and in doing so you will earn a diamond and a new photo a picture will appear.

In the upper right corner you will have a history button so you can go back and view any pictures you have voted on. You can also see how the community has rated the photo as well. When you decide you want to post your own photo and question you can easily take a new pic or grab one from your camera roll. You will also have the opportunity to crop it if you need to. If you share the picture on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest you will gain 10 diamonds that you can use to promote the picture. Also at the bottom will be a star, click this and you can see all the Pinxter celebrities. These are the picture that are the highest rated.

Overall Pinxter is a very cool app to get people opinions on fashion. I like the idea that you can tag photos, but currently I do no see a way to search for specific hash tags. Hopefully this will be added soon. It would also be neat if you could save specific pictures to your favorites so you can check them out later instead of scrolling through your history.

With Pinxter, creating your style has never been so addicting and you can get started today by downloading the app on the App Store for the very low price of FREE!


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