Review: 5-in-1 Kids Pack HD

5-in-1 Kids Pack, created by Bacciz, develops your children’s MEMORY, COGNITIVE, MOTOR, SPEECH, and LANGUAGE SKILLS while having fun! It’s so addicting, it’s the perfect game for kids of any age…& even for adults who like a challenge! 5-in-1 Kids Pack is based on the classic match game, but with totally unique twists! 4 different […]

Review: Wi-Fi Sync

UPDATE: Wi-Fi Sync 1.1 is out! You can now use it on Windows, Mac OS X, and the iPad. Hey everyone. Well, over the past few days, I have been reviewing a really cool product. You’ve seen it here and you’ve heard the rest of the media talk about it, I’m of course talking about […]

GodFinger Review

OK what can I say about this game except for the fact that all of us here at LEI Mobile are hooked! The idea of the game is that you start off as god of a barren dump of a rock in space from which you have to fill with life by giving it rain, […]

Review: SFBags iPad Suede Jacket

My favorite case back from the original iPhone days is back and it’s bigger and better than before.  SFBags / WaterField Designs have taken the original suede jacket that I loved and ported it to the iPad. The reason I love the iPad Suede Jacket so much is because it’s an extremely basic design, feels […]

Chopper 2: Very Cool Use Of iPad And iPhone

Chopper 2 looks very cool!  You get to control your chopper from your iPhone while you watch all the action on your iPad’s screen. This game is not available yet. It should be out later this year. As the game is still not complete, you can expect to see a few changes before release. The […]

iPad First Looks from LEI Mobile

Ok guys, after the fun and games followed by some needed sleep its time for my preliminary review of the iPad! As you may know the live coverage on launch day was an utter failure thanks to the Barton Creek Mall, but I don’t fully understand the problem seeing as I was fully able to […]


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