iPad First Looks from LEI Mobile

Ok guys, after the fun and games followed by some needed sleep its time for my preliminary review of the iPad!

As you may know the live coverage on launch day was an utter failure thanks to the Barton Creek Mall, but I don’t fully understand the problem seeing as I was fully able to walk around with my 3GS without anyone complaining two days before the launch. I thank my local Best Buy for the chance to be able to use the iPad in action though!

Apple’s iPad:

This is simply the most amazing thing I have ever held in my hands. I use to be a NetBook user and the iPad is just more dominate in portability and in form than an average NetBook, even though a NetBook can run a full OS doesn’t make it better but it helps 🙂


The iPad form is incredibly sleek and light. For a portable device the sound quality is decent but the video quality was extraordinary! I was able to play RockBand extremely easy on the iPad, even though I missed close to ten notes in my video but hey I want to see you try to record yourself with one hand and play with the other!


The iPhoneOS running on the current versions of iPad is what the iPhone should have been. “No wrong way to hold it” is pretty much sums up how easy it is to operate the iPad. Since those anti-theft cables were hooked up to it I had to mostly use the iPad upside down. The only trouble I had was being unable to use iPhone apps in upsidedown portrait mode so I had to force those cables out of my way 🙁

iPhone Apps:

For the skeptics out there, yes the iPad does a really good job at running current iPhone apps and it does have room for improvement. LEIMobile with Push looks sexy on the iPad as is so feel free to download that until we get our iPad version out 😛

iPad Apps:

iWork for iPad is just WOW! I can’t describe how good of a job they did on remaking Pages, Keynote and Numbers. iBooks was a hit and miss for me but I’m sure it will grow on me when my 3G comes in.


I downloaded a few free books from the store onto one of the Best Buy and they could be more flashier but they were free so I don’t expect much in the looks department.

Well that covers my preliminary review on the iPad, we’ll write a more in depth review once we settle down and get our iPads to learn them inside and out. The rest is for your imagination to bring!

Also I would like to thank the guys at iballzforipad.com for their help in making the live coverage happen even though it was cut too short.

Does your iPad got ballz?

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