iPad 2 Experiencing “Light Leaks” & Yellow Spots

UPDATE: A weird issue as well, Brandon has told me that he was almost denied a return since his serial number from the box, reciept, and device didn’t match. If you have any information on these issues, please let us know in the comments. Hey guys, well as you know, the iPad 2 launch was […]

Today On YouTube: The iPad 2 Launch Videos

Hey guys, Brandon & I managed to snag a couple of iPads amidst the chaos that is an Apple launch. We both got a 16GB Black Wi-Fi iPad 2 (sorry Mike!) and while he was in Texas and I was in Iowa, we both were updating you guys on the happenings. I have uploaded my […]

Review: I luv Chocolat

Alright this game comes from Zatungames, an Independent Game Development Company in India. The object of the game is to collect the falling chocolate pieces to get your score up in the allotted time limit. Pretty simple right? I won’t go into every level. To find out more about the levels buy the game and […]

Review: Otterbox Defender Case For iPad

This is Otterbox’s second iPad case and the ultimate iPad cases at that. This baby offers the best possible protection for your iPad (at least from what we have seen so far!). The Otterbox Defender Series for iPad is massive and very rugged. It will definitely add some weight to your devices. If your the […]

Review: Otterbox Commuter Case For iPad

Otterbox recently released 2 new cases for Apple’s iPad; The Otterbox Commuter Series for iPad and The Otterbox Defender Series for iPad.  These are both 2 of the most popular Otterbox cases.  I am personally rocking the Commuter Series for the iPhone.  You can read that review ( Review: Otterbox iPhone 3G / 3GS Commuter […]

[Review] Apple iPad Case

Ok well it’s about time my freaking case was sent by Apple and it is without a doubt a disappointment, sorry Apple but this thing really sucks so stop making cases. Incoming search terms:ipad casei padipad casesapple ipad 1 caseapple ipad caseipad 1 caseipad 1 apple caseipad hoesipad apple case

Review: Land Air Sea Warfare

Hey guys. well, we have been reviewing a new game, now this new game has been climbing the charts on iTunes lately. Now, due to WWDC and other circumstances, we haven’t been able to get this review out there faster. Now, I don’t know much about warfare games, so I asked one of my friends, […]