[Review] Apple iPad Case

Ok well it’s about time my freaking case was sent by Apple and it is without a doubt a disappointment, sorry Apple but this thing really sucks so stop making cases.

“With a soft microfiber interior and reinforced panels to provide structure, the iPad Case is the perfect way to carry around your iPad. And it does double duty. It folds in just the right places to act as a stand that holds iPad at an ideal angle for watching videos and slideshows or for typing on the onscreen keyboard.”

This concept is good but the attempt is poor at best. The microfiber interior and reinforced panels give it structure but no real stability against force. This is not the perfect way to carry around your iPad because its game over if you drop it. I do love how you can change the case to fit different orientations but the folds have the potential to wear down easily.

Conclusion, the concept of a case that can change to fit orientations while protecting the iPad is a good idea. But this attempt is a failure and not worth $40 that they charge.

Apple Case = Silicon skin with a folding panel 🙁

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  1. Matt says

    Agreed! This thing sucks. Luckily I was able to sell mine to some other sucker.

    I’ve been using an iFrogz silicone case that protects but has little to no functionality.

    What a disappointment!!!!

  2. Angel says

    Oh yeah, I bought an elegant leather case and screen protector for a fraction of the cost on ebay, because the apple ipad case sucks ass

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