Review: Land Air Sea Warfare

Hey guys. well, we have been reviewing a new game, now this new game has been climbing the charts on iTunes lately. Now, due to WWDC and other circumstances, we haven’t been able to get this review out there faster. Now, I don’t know much about warfare games, so I asked one of my friends, Tim, who does know A LOT about these types of games to give me the pros and cons of the game. So, this time on our spotlight is Land Air Sea Warfare, this game was created by Isotope 244, and was given to us by our new friend James Bryant.

Well, to begin, this app is a strategy game that involves creating, modifying, and destroying buildings, people, and taking over their base. So, to start off, I asked Tim to give me some of the pros of the game. I am writing what he said in my own words.

Well, now for the pros. One of the first pros that he found was that the game allowed you to select multiple items using the multi-touch pinch gesture. This makes playing the game even better and makes it simple to use. Also, it helps coordinating a counter attack or a regular attack even simpler. He says that most games on the App Store, that he has tried, don’t have this feature and it was refreshing to see it in this instance.

Also, he likes the overall performance of the game and the way it ran. Now, we used an iPhone 3G, and iPod touch G3, and an iPad to test it and they all ran pretty well on all 3 devices. He also says that the transitions that were in the game were really well done, however, he says that “the game would look a lot better if it had more transitions for more stuff”.

Now, he did have a small bit of criticism on the game. he didn’t like that the game didn’t tell you what the pieces did BEFORE you placed them on the field. However, he did like the amount of detail on the info after you set them down on the board.

Overall, to Tim, this app gets a 4.0 out 5 for the game. He liked the game in itself, however, the graphics didn’t really reflect the game’s game play quality. However, he does say this “The game has a lot of potential”.

So there you go guys, go out and buy it! It’s available on the iTunes App Store for just $4.99!

Tap or click here to go to iTunes and buy it!


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      lol, I’m not really on 3G. I made a patch a while back (like in 2008, lol). I’ve actually been thinking about posting the little package (I call it) “Pseudo3G”. I basically made the iPhone dislay being on the EDGE network to “3G” and the GPRS network to “EDGE’. I like it better how it says 3G than the annoying “E” 🙂

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    Lol, yeah. I get that question a lot believe it or not, yeah, I’ll see what I can do. I may send it to our exclusive Cydia partner, BigBoss or sometimes.

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