iPad 2 Experiencing “Light Leaks” & Yellow Spots

UPDATE: A weird issue as well, Brandon has told me that he was almost denied a return since his serial number from the box, reciept, and device didn’t match.

If you have any information on these issues, please let us know in the comments.

Hey guys, well as you know, the iPad 2 launch was yesterday, we covered it live as it happened. So, we’ve all had a chance to play around with our iPad 2s for a while, but there seems to be 2 main issues that us early adopters are experiencing.

The first is a “light leak”. These have been seen on the sides of the screen. I, upon further inspection, have noticed that I have a light leak on the right side of my iPad 2’s screen. This is a little troubling.

This seems to be a manufacturing defect. However, I never noticed it until I went into my Photos app and looked at it. (I used my finger to drag up so the picture folders wouldn’t be ithe way) Now, this is not noticable in anywhere but places where it’s just a black screen.

Also, another issue is the yellowish tint. Brandon’s iPad 2 has this issue (he can’t confirm if he has the light leak as well) but this yellowish spot/tint in some areas of the screen is just glue. This will go away in a few days as it’s just from the manufacturing plant where they rushed these out.

If you remember, the yellowish spot issue was found othe iPhone 4 as well, and the spots went away on those in a few days.

We have yet to hear from Apple acknowledging these issues, but I hope that we can all exchange our affected iPads. We are unsure if these issues are widespread or if they only apply to a few iPad 2s.

More info as we get it.

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