Review: I luv Chocolat

Alright this game comes from Zatungames, an Independent Game Development Company in India. The object of the game is to collect the falling chocolate pieces to get your score up in the allotted time limit. Pretty simple right? I won’t go into every level. To find out more about the levels buy the game and play!

Now the first level is what you’d expect from any game. It’s an introductory level to show you all the 30 chocolates you can collect. You can score pretty high if you focus and line up with the pattern the pieces fall.

The second level is where you are introduced to the kid with a lollipop and a spiked crawler. Since you don’t have Life Points to loose or anything what good could they do? Well if you get hit by them you will loose some level time which means the timer runs out faster. To counter this you need to find some special chocolates that give you more time.

The fourth level is where I get mad ^_^ You meet a flying enemy that throws barely visible things at you that will get on your nerves if you let them (I should know, but that’s what makes this a game). To add to the difficulty the level employs a conveyor belt that makes life really fun.

For me, this level showed that Zatungames have some tricks up their sleeves, even in a game like this. I expect good games to come from this company.

I give this game a 4 out of 5!
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