Review: Otterbox Commuter Case For iPad

Otterbox recently released 2 new cases for Apple’s iPad; The Otterbox Commuter Series for iPad and The Otterbox Defender Series for iPad.  These are both 2 of the most popular Otterbox cases.  I am personally rocking the Commuter Series for the iPhone.  You can read that review ( Review: Otterbox iPhone 3G / 3GS Commuter TL Case ) on our old website.  In this review I will go over the contents & features of the Otterbox Commuter Series for iPad, My likes and dislikes, and LEI Mobile’s final rating.

The first thing you will notice when you pickup the packaging of the Otterbox Commuter Case is that all of the contents are biodegradable and recyclable. It seems like everyone is trying to go “Green” these days, so thanks Otterbox!

Inside the box you have the case itself which is made up of 3 pieces. A hard plastic shell with a removable clip so that you can charge and dock your ipad, and a soft silicon/rubber shock protection layer.  You will then find a paper envelope that includes the easy to follow instructions, a clear protective piece of plastic for your screen, a soft cloth, and a squeegee.

The first thing you are going to want to do is clean your iPad.  Take the included soft cloth and clean all of the finger prints and dust off the screen. You will then want to apply the plastic screen protector and then finally use the squeegee to remove any left over air bubbles. Once you have cleaned off your iPad and applied the screen cover, slide the rubber shock resistant layer over the ipad.  And then after that just clip on the hard shell.

I will tell you that I was very upset to find out that after applying the hard shell it started to peal off my Zagg Invisible Shield that I had on.  Zagg’s screen protectors must be a tad bit thicker than the one that Otterbox includes.  You can see “A” and “C” in the pictures below.

The only other issue I had with this case can been seen at “B.” The rubber layer did not fully meet the edge of the hard plastic.  This is probably because I may have stretched it out too much when putting it on.  This really is no big deal but hey I had to show it.

The Positives of this case really out way the few negatives that this case has.  1st off this case does not add much bulk to the iPad and still offers excellent protection. This case is a mix between style and protection.

I also really like that the USB port is blocked as well as the headphone jack so that no dust and debris can get it.  The last thing I really like is the clear plastic circle on the back so that you can still view the Apple logo.

Overall I would give this case a 4 out of 5 stars.  Otterbox in my opinion truly make some of the best cases around.  The only real reason I would not give this 5 stars is that it did damage the Zagg invisible shield I already had on, but it is nice to know that you get a free plastic shield included! Now the best part of the case is that it is slim and sexy and still protects your expensive device from common mishaps like scratches and may even protect it from a slight water spill if you clean it up very fast. If you are looking for a case that offers maximum protection be sure to check out our review of the Otterbox Defender Series for iPad.

You can purchase the Otterbox Commuter Series Case for the iPad directly on their website for only $64.95

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