GodFinger Review

OK what can I say about this game except for the fact that all of us here at LEI Mobile are hooked!

The idea of the game is that you start off as god of a barren dump of a rock in space from which you have to fill with life by giving it rain, sunshine, life, etc. As you progress through the game your planet will populate with beings that you turn into followers that you can use to make the planet even bigger, just don’t let them get into your nukes ok Bender? Lol

This is a Plus+ Networks game and you can use that to view other planets that your friends have created, which is why y’all should all add the LEIMobile gang to your galaxy 🙂

Mike is wittchow
Alan is appletimemac
Brandon is truehybridx

I pretty much give this game a 4 out of 5 since it’s addicting and from what i can tell on going, unless there’s a day limit and then the apocalypse leading ti the destruction of my planet but that seems unlikely.

Grab the iPad version from the US AppStore!

If you are interested in getting the iPhone version, check back later on for a tutorial on how to get access to the Canadian AppStore which seems to have it.


  1. LEI Mobile says

    The iPhone version is not available in the US app store for some reason. The iPad version is though. I will write a tutorial later tonight how to create a canadian iTunes account to get the iPhone version.

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