Review: Pictastic Photo Editor


So I was hanging out with my uncles and found an old photo that I needed to edit and share with them. I found this app called Pictastic Photo Editor. It lets you add filters, texts, and doodles. Once you are done you can share them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Pictastic Photo Editor is currently FREE on the Apple app store, but offers some PRO filters for just $0.99. The PRO filters will give your photos an amazing look with 13 new filters to choose from.

The app also allows you to create memes and add text to any picture. You have full customization with the ability to change the fonts and color as well as being able to put the text anywhere you like on the screen.

Pictastic Photo Editor also include a bunch of FREE doodles that you can add to your pictures or you can purchase 23 more for just $0.99 to make your pictures really stand out. Since this is a photo editor application you will be able to adjust the basics as well. You can manipulate Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Exposure, Temperature, Blur, Sharpness,  and Vinette.

This application has been updated to look and feel like iOS 7 and has a very clean elegant, and easy to use features. If you are looking for a simple FREE photo editor that not only works but looks amazing, be sure to check out Pictastic Photo Editor on the App Store.


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