Review: Movie Player + Add Real Time Video Filters and Special Effects

All big time movie producers have one thing in common, they produce great movies. Movie production involves much more than just a good script and great actors. It takes great image manipulation. To create a wonderful film, you need to be able to manipulate the on-screen image to your particular taste. If you have ever wondered how this feels, then wonder no more. Thanks to ‘Movie Player + Add Real Time Video Filters and Special Effects‘ now you have the chance to experience it personally.

The one aspect of ‘Movie Player + Add Real Time Video Filters and Special Effects’ that make it so special is that you do not have to make the changes after hours and hours of film review. You can make the changes in real time as you watch the film. Thanks to this apps ‘patent-pending technology, users can now experience and make use of the latest movie making technology besides 3D. It is nothing short of a miracle to be able to see your changes and effects in real time. This App truly is revolutionary. Its OTBCC feature, the One-Touch-Brightness-and-Contrast-control, lets the user adjust the films contrast and brightness at the same time by simply tapping their touch screen for two seconds.

movie player

Another revolutionary feature is the 3 Playback modes available. One of which allows you to project and display images onto your car’s windshield. This is the ‘heads up display’.

This movie player/realtime editor app has a lot of features that go a long way in making the users experience magnificent.

Features of Movie Player + Add Real Time Video Filters and Special Effects

– By a simple touch you can make your movie black and white, a cartoon, and adjust the brightness and contrast all in realtime.

– You have 3 different playback modes

– You can save your modified videos and share it with friends

– With the use of ‘Red Cyan Glasses’ you can watch your movie in 3D

– You can add Vignettes to your picture

– Upload films from your Dropbox or iTunes and also watch them online

Now you can let your creativity run wild with this easy to use movie editor app.

Movie Player + Add Real Time Video Filters and Special Effects require any iOS that is 6.0 or later. It is compatible with iPad, iPod touch and is optimized for iPhone 5. It is currently available at the iTunes store. If you want to feel like a hotshot movie producer, here is your chance. This is the one app that you will need in your quest for greatness.



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