Review: Paditor Lite for iPad

Paditor is an exciting new app for creating quick powerful notes on your iPad. This application features a mixture of your favorite text editing programs like Microsoft Word or Apple’s Pages, and makes text editing super simple and very functional. With Paditor, not only can you use it a word processing application for taking notes, […]

Review: Dark Dreams Time Machine for iPhone

Dark Dreams Time Machine, developed by Maindreieck eCom, Bannkraft Media Dark, and Reinhard Dietzel, puts on new twist on how to fall at sleep at night. Traditional sleeping tools include music like raindrops, waves, white noise, or other Zen music; but Dark Dreams Time Machine flips it upside down with a complete different experience. Dark […]

Review: Euro-Japan Dict Tablet for iPad

Previously we reviewed Euro-Japan Dictionary for iPhone and the developers, Free Light Software, just released Euro-Japan Dict Tablet. This new iPad applicaiton is pretty much the same exact app you love on the iPhone enlarged to make use of the iPad’s larger screen. Euro-Japan Dict Tablet is a Japanese dictionary which supports not only 3 […]

Review: Space Ninjas for iPad

Space Ninjas, developed by Keen On You, is a flick based near earth defense game. Your goal is to protect the earth from the ‘Evil Reptilian’ Nibiru. On the far side of the moon, the Nibiru is planning a New World Order (NWO), failing to collapse the world economy via the derivatives market he aims […]

Review: Leaping Salmon for iPad

Leaping Salmon, developed by, is a super fun game where your goal is to save as many salmon as you can from the hungry bear. You have just 59 seconds to see if you can get the high score. Leaping Salmon was developed when the AppChaps team witnessed 100’s of salmon swimming upstream and […]

Review: PeerRenters for iOS

PeerRenters is a new application that allows you to list your surplus stuff for rent or sale in your local community. The app basically converts a user’s mobile device to an instant rental business. When you first launch the application you will have to provide your email to sign up for a new account and […]

Review: Pixtaword for iOS

Pixtaword is a picture guessing game that pulls a few pictures from Instagram as hints to guess a word. Pixtaword features over 1000 levels and the developers plan to have even more. Some can be very easy and some may be almost impossible for you, but with the help of your social media friends you […]