Review: Dark Dreams Time Machine for iPhone

dark dreams

Dark Dreams Time Machine, developed by Maindreieck eCom, Bannkraft Media Dark, and Reinhard Dietzel, puts on new twist on how to fall at sleep at night. Traditional sleeping tools include music like raindrops, waves, white noise, or other Zen music; but Dark Dreams Time Machine flips it upside down with a complete different experience.

Dark Dreams Time Machine allows you to travel into the past to become a witness of creepy and surreal situations. If you are prone to nightmares you may not want to listen to some of these stories because it has been proven that the last few things you are thinking about is usually what you dream about. If you are into Dark Dream, than this app is just for you. It will guide you on an amazing adventure before you fall asleep as it helps to produce amazing and wild dreams. Who knows, maybe it will help you fall asleep better than raindrops will do. You wont know until you try it out!

This high quality audio experience features millions of years of history and you can even go back to the dinosaur age. You can spend the night in Transylvania with Dracula, walk along with Jack the Ripper, as well as other very spooky experiences.

Dark Dreams Time Machine is currently available on the Apple AppStore for $0.99 and is a great way to change the way you fall asleep.



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