Review: My Children Activity Book, full of colours and class room pre school and school activities

activity book 2

The iPad app, My Children Activity Book, full of colours and class room pre school and school activities, is an excellent FREE option for parents. This interactive learning tool will help children of all ages and is a great tool for slow learners or those who need more visual stimulation.

The video below show a complete walk through of this application and you can see just how amazing it is. This is a must have app for your iPad if you have young children. It offers tons of different activities for all skill levels and features great music, sounds, and a soothing woman’s voice. She will speak everything out that you click on so your child can hear the correct pronunciation that goes with the number or object.

So many times I download FREE apps for my son to try out only to realize there are advertisements all over it and he accidentally clicks them and gets booted out of the app. I know developers need to make some kind of money with their free apps, but using advertisements with children is not a good way. Luckily this app is completely add free and offers a great learning activity book

My Children Activity Book can be download for FREE on the Apple AppStore and is perfect for your young child who is just learning how to count. This app could easily sell for at least $0.99, but should be priced around $1.99. It offers a ton of content. Because it is FREE, there is no reason for them not to try it and see if they like it. My son loved it and your child will too, so check it out!



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