Review: Paditor Lite for iPad

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Paditor is an exciting new app for creating quick powerful notes on your iPad.

This application features a mixture of your favorite text editing programs like Microsoft Word or Apple’s Pages, and makes text editing super simple and very functional. With Paditor, not only can you use it a word processing application for taking notes, but you can also spice up your notes using the built in draw and paint functions. You can quickly draw up a diagram or squiggle notes if you decide you do not like typing on the keyboard.

Paditor also lets you add a ton of different media options to your notes, including photos, webclips, videos, figure clips, and audio. You can record directly to your note using your iPad’s microphone. Not only can you make your normal notes interesting with media, and drawings, but you can also change the theme, document color and default font. Paditor had over 70 different fonts to choose from to really make your notes pop.

Create a new note is super easy, but first you may want to make a folder to organize specific notes. Just click on the pen tool in the upper right corner and begin your creation. Once you are finished, you will be able to see a screen shot of your note, the date created, the date last modified, and the size.

Once you are done with you note you can keep it filed away and even search through all of your notes via a text input. You can also share notes with others via email, Dropbox, and Google Drive.

The only downfall of this app is that the input of your drawing seems to be a bit delayed. I am sure the developers will fix this very soon. Overall I have to say that this is a great application everyone can use including, working professionals, students, authors, and teachers. It is the perfect content editor and offers some amazing features. So go check this FREE one out today!

Paditior Lite is currently priced at the low low price of FREE. It is a fully featured version of their pro version but limited the number of documents you can create.


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