Review: QuoteMaker Pro – Sales Proposals and Price Quotes with Superior Profit Margin Control

Quote Maker Pro 2Quote Maker Pro

QuoteMaker Pro – Sales Proposals and Price Quotes with Superior Profit Margin Control, developed by Steve Weintraut LLC, is the perfect tool for sales professionals on the go.

When you first launch the app you will see that they have included a sample quote to help get you started. You can also click on the help button to find all the answers to your questions. The help file will show you how the entire app works and give you picture references to better guide you.

You can choose to start fresh or you can import your data from email attachments, iTunes File Sharing, or Dropbox. Once you are ready to get started you will want to check out the preference menu so that you can set up company info, products, tax and shipping info, and manage other upgrades you have purchased. Some of the in-app upgrades include: Advanced Data Export Formats, Quote Status Filters, Multiple Currency Support, PDF Attachment Support, Signature Captures, and more. These upgrades range in price from $6.99 to $8.99 and only have to be purchased once to be unlocked forever.


Creating a new quote is super easy. Just click on Create New Quote at the top and start filling out the basic information. You can keep track of your revisions and sort your quotes with ease. Once you are satisfied with you quote you can quickly email or print the proposal. You can even choose the language. These options include English, Spanish,  French , and German. Unlike a lot of other sales automation solutions, QuoteMaker Pro gives you precise control over the appearance of your sales quotation as well as finely tuned control over your profit margin for each individual item on the proposal.

QuoteMaker Pro is currently available on the Apple App Store for a price of $6.99 and is a must have app for those on the go. Once customized to your companies needs, you can quickly prepare quotes from anywhere without having to use the clunky software your company has been using before.




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