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peer renters

PeerRenters is a new application that allows you to list your surplus stuff for rent or sale in your local community. The app basically converts a user’s mobile device to an instant rental business.

When you first launch the application you will have to provide your email to sign up for a new account and provide some information to complete your profile. It would be nice if the developer integrated Facebook login so you do not have to fill all of this info in if you have a Facebook account. Once you have completed your profile, you will be emailed a temporary password.

Once you are logged in you can quickly search of rental or sales items in your community and view where they are located on the map. Since this application is so new, there are not many items available and probably not available in your community yet. You will want to start posting what you have for sale or rent and share the application with others so that the community really builds up. In my local area, there was only one item available for rent.

Just down the road, I could rent a Contour Video Camera. When I clicked on it, I could see a picture of the item, and the rental rates. I could rent the camera for half a day, daily, weekly, or monthly. The seller required a $150 security deposit just in case I never returned the item. I also have a few choice that I could select including: Asking a Question, a button to ask if it is available now, and a button to rent the item.

The rental button asks you when you want to start, when you want to end and then fills in the price you would pay. You can then securely pay the person the security deposit with Paypal. Once that is complete you can arrange pickup with the owner and pay the remaining balance at that time.

To list your items for sale is very simple. Just click on the list button and fill in your rates and post a picture. You can then manage your items and view your transactions. Lastly you will want to invite your friends to join PeerRenters so that they can start earning extra money renting your stuff out locally.

Overall This is a great service for property owners and local community members looking for an easy way to rent specific items. The only downfall is that it is too new and not enough members that have joined yet. I should also not that the app collects a 10 percent booking fee which may be a little high for new members to start.





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    This reviewer suggested that it would be nice if app users could access Facebook login so users do not not have to fill in their info to use the app. The reason why we do not provide FB log in is because people can create fake and anonymous FB accounts. Which means users could use the app with anonymous identities. Therefore, all app users must use their real name and email address and phone number when they initiate their accounts. And we verify the email address to activate the account. And when users rent or purchase through the app, user identity is verified through their active PayPal account. Therefore, allowing people to activate their PeerRenter account using FB or Twitter would fall far short in our need to make sure that people cannot use the service in an anonymous manner.

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