Review: Pixtaword for iOS


Pixtaword is a picture guessing game that pulls a few pictures from Instagram as hints to guess a word.

Pixtaword features over 1000 levels and the developers plan to have even more. Some can be very easy and some may be almost impossible for you, but with the help of your social media friends you will be able to push your knowledge to the max. The application features a handful of different categories to choose from or you can select random if you want to try anything. These categories include: Food, Animals, Landmarks, Movie Characters, Movies, Musicians, TV Characters, TV Shows, and Famous Faces. If you go into the settings menu you can can choose which category you want to play and you can see your current progress with all of the categories.

The game is FREE as in you have 200 FREE coins to start out with. If you need more coins you will have to head on over to the in-app section and purchase more coins. If you are very good at the game you may never have to purchase more coins as you can get 25 Free coins for posting your correct answer on Facebook and Twitter. You also get 5 coins for guessing the correct answer. Coins can be spent on revealing letters, removing incorrect letters, or you can completely skip the puzzle if you are stuck.

Pixtaword is currently a FREE universal application available for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. You can find it on the Apple App Store. If you are looking for a fun an entertaining guessing game, be sure to check out Pixtaword.


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