Review: Toothy Lite for iPhone

My dentist knows that I am very in to Apple and iPhone apps. Each time I visit her I have to tell her about the latest and greatest must have apps. Now I have the perfect app that she will be able to share will all of her other patients as well. It is called Toothy Lite, and the app is meant to make it easy for people to talk back to their dentist safely while their dentist has sharp tools in their mouth.

Using this application is very beneficial to both you and your dentist. Not only with you be able to communicate more effectively together, it is also dangerous trying to talk while they are working.

Going to the dentist can be very unpleasing to a lot of people. Toothy was designed to make your dentist visit a more pleasurable experience by using just a few simple taps of your iPhone screen you can have the application speak on your behalf without having to even look at the screen.

With a single finger tap, Toothy will say the word Yes. With 2 fingers, Toothy will say No, and with 3 fingers Toothy will say Pain. Not only will a nice female voice say the words out loud to your dentist, but it will also display the words on the screen so your dentist can clearly read it as well.

toothy liteNext time you visit the dentist, you should remember to use Toothy Lite to make it a much more enjoyable experience. It is currently priced FREE on the Apple AppStore. Go grab it today!


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