Review: Song Buddy for iOS

song buddy

Song Buddy, developed by Wide Angle Software, lets you learn more about your favorite artists and discover some new ones. You can search and view the artist profile, their photos and major releases. Share details of your favorite artists with your friends via Facebook, Twitter or Email. Song Buddy also recommends artists you might like based on the current artists in your music library. Best of all, Song Buddy is completely free, without any signups required.

When you first launch the app you will want to search for an Artist by name. Once you have found the artist you are looking for you will get a brief profile on them so you can learn all about them. You can check out photos, view them in iTunes, YouTube, see their official homepage, Discogs, and view their Wikipedia page.

If you click on the releases tab, you will see all of their albums and songs. You can then dive into them and listen to the songs and even buy them directly in iTunes. The events tab shows you their upcoming events and tours so you can see when they are coming to your town so you can book your tickets. Lastly if you click on the similar tab you will get a list of similar artists that you may like to discover.

Song Buddy is an excellent all in one application to help keep you updated and informed on your favorite artist as well as a great tool to help you find new music. Song Buddy is a FREE application on the Apple App Store and does not require you to set up an account or sign up for anything. If you are into music and want to learn more about what you are listening to, be sure to check out this application.




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