Review: Voice Translator – On the Fly Translation

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Voice Translator – On the Fly Translation, developed by Brisio Innovations Inc., is a voice translation application that happens on the fly!

Just speak into your phone and it immediately speaks back to you. How cool is that? Voice Translator is based off of the popular Nuance technology so you know it is top notch! It supports 71 different languages but not all of them allow you to speak directly into your microphone and not all of them all you to get audio feedback with pronunciation. Luckily most of the popular languages will support both these features. When you select the language you want to translate you will be able to tell if the features are supported.

For the languages with unsupported features you can use your keyboard to type in what you want translated. It will quickly translate what you are looking for and post it on the screen like an SMS conversation. If you hold down on the translated work or sentence, you can quickly SMS, Email, or copy the contents to share with family and friends.

Overall I would have to say this is an excellent app to help you with a new language and a must have app if you are traveling overseas. It will make your life much easier speaking with other who natively speak a different language then you. It is super simple to use and with over 71 different languages supported makes for a handy tool to have in your pocket. Hopefully the developers keep updating the application to add more languages and add the missing features that some of the languages have.

Voice Translator is currently priced at $2.99 and is a universal application so that you can use it on your iPhone, iPod, or iPad. If you plan on traveling overseas any time soon, you should definitely not go without downloading this app first.


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