Review: Get Noticed for iOS

get noticed

Get Noticed, developed by Pro Footballer Guy Branston, was created for detecting and highlighting objects or persons of interest within a video.

This is absolute must have application for sports analysts as well as athletes who are creating video to show off their skills and talents.

When you first launch the application you will be able to watch a short video explaining what the application can do. You can watch the video here:


Next it will give you the opportunity to connect to your social networks to make sharing of your videos super easy. You can connect your Facebook account and YouTube account so you can quickly get those videos posted. Speaking of videos, Get Noticed allows you to capture videos directly withing the app and then edit them. You can also also edit videos from your camera roll or a YouTube video. With YouTube you just put in the YouTube video link and it will download the file for you. Very cool feature!!

Editing your video allows you to highlight, track, or crop. Currently you can only use a blue half circle to highlight and a blue circle to track. It would be nice if there was an option to change these colors because they could interfear with the color of your video. Having the option for Yellow, Red, and Green would be nice.

Overall this is an excellent tool to Get Noticed. It is super easy to use and offers great features to help you stand out in your videos. Get Noticed is currently a FREE application on the Apple App Store but just for a limited time. Be sure to grab it today!


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